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OggPlay Version History

This page is not guaranteed to be a comprehensive list
The complete list of releases and their release notes can be found here

Releases for Series 60 MMF devices:

V1.6.9: (released 22/04/06)
  • This release should work for Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 7610, and all other Series 60 Version 2 phones
  • Nokia N90 users should install the double resolution skin (provides bigger, more readable text)
  • An alarm clock feature has been added, see the release notes for more details
  • Please report your feedback to the discussion forum
V1.5.1: (released 07/17/04)
  • This release will work for Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 7610, and probably future Series 60 phones that support the MMF architecture.
  • This version plays mp3 and aac files in addition to the ogg file format.
  • Please read the ReadMeFirst.html file contained in this release for more information which formats are supported by your phone.
  • The symbian MMF ogg example "OvController" conflicts with this software. If you have it installed please remove it prior to installing this software.
V1.00: (released 04/10/04)
  • Works on Siemens SX-1 and on Nokia models : "NGage, 7650, 3650 and 6600".
  • Plays all .ogg files, regardless of sampling rate / bit rate.
  • Random play, repeat, pause, fast-forward, rewind.
  • Support for skins.
  • File Recognizer support: Just click on an .ogg file in any filebrowser and that file starts playing in Oggplay.
  • Displays File information.
  • Frequency analyzer (Availability depends on skins)

Releases for Series 60 non-MMF devices:

V1.092: (released 22/04/06)
  • This release will work for Sendo X, Siemens SX-1 and Nokia N-Gage. It has not been tested with older phones
  • This version has only minor changes from the previous version, see the release notes for more details
  • Please report your feedback to the discussion forum

Releases for Motorola A920:

V1.31: (released 25/06/05)
  • Fixed playback stuttering on A925/A1000
  • Many bug fixes (this is a much more recent build than 1.30)
  • Please report your feedback to the discussion forum
V1.30: (released 07/10/04)
  • This is the first beta release for the Motorola A920.
  • Please do not install on other platforms (untested!).

Releases for SonyEricsson P800/P900

V1.10: (released 12/24/03)
  • Added support for SonyEricsson P900 screen size (I do not own a P900 for testing this, please let me know if there are any problems with the P900).
  • Improved sound quality.
  • Improved performance when running in background (reduced stuttering).
  • Added catalan language version (thanks to David Cano).
  • Added danish language version.
  • Clicking on the clock or alarm time will pop up the dialog with the alarm settings.
  • Note for P900 users: This versions has a problem with the P900 it seems. To get it working please install and run OggPlay V1.0 once prior to installing this version!!
  • Please report your feedback to the discussion forum
V1.00: (released 11/01/03)
  • Added new languages: Dutch (Billy@pebbels.be ), Spanish (David Cano), Swedish (Peter Karlsson) , Turkish (fixed problem with character encoding).
  • The menu button in flip closed mode will pop up a menu wich allows access to the most important functions.
  • Improved skin support: allow for animated bitmaps, allow for display of bitmapped digits.
  • Bugfix: OggPlay would not start correctly if an ogg file with a filename with more than 128 characters was present.
  • Bugfix: The frequency analyzer would not work in flip-closed mode for certain skins.

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