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The best page for S60 OggPlay skins is:

They are simply great.

Here is a little collection of skins, more can be found by searching the web. .

Authors: If you allow me to put your skins up here I can package them as a SIS file for you and make them available for download. Let us know!

Installation instructions for skins that come as a SIS file:
Install the SIS file as usual, but make sure to install it in the same location as the player itself, i.e. if the player is installed in internal phone memory install the skin to internal memory as well. Please quit OggPlay before installing or restart it after installing the skins (using exit in the menu) and select the skin from the menu.

Installation instructions for skins that come as *.mbm/*.skn files:
Some skins are not packaged as a SIS file but come as two separate files xxx.mbm and xxx.skn. Simply copy these file to C:\system\apps\OggPlay (if you have installed OggPlay in internal memory) using a file manager, e.g. the one that you can get for free from www.my-symbian.com. Restart OggPlay and select the skin from the menu. That's it.

For SonyEriccson P800 / P900:

This one is my favourite (-;
by Graeme West, in flip open...

...and flip closed mode.

For S60 phones:

Floral (by Tiina Partanen)
Amber (by Berthier Lemieux)
S60 default (the original S60 skin)

McNuOggPlay N90 (double resolution skin)

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